Some like it hot...

Some like it hotter!      

Some like it hot...

Some like it hotter


Quotes I love chilli and like to spread the flavour, but am often disappointed when I end up with 'oil' than chilli. TTaste chilli oil delivers that wonderful kick of chilli, without drowning my food. Whether drizzled over a pizza, added to a pasta, casserole or stir fry or just used as a side dip to dumplings, its amazing - just watch how much - it's hot! Quotes

Quotes TT's chilli oil is just about right / balanced with spice & herbs where you can taste it all, even smell it when using it for cooking! I use it for cooking almost anything, afterall, cooking is an experiment! Quotes

Quotes All too often a chilli oil is just that, chilli and oil; with a taste bud destroying heat to mask a bland tasteless oil. Whereas TT chilli oil is a distinctively flavoursome and aromatic chilli oil with a pleasantly spicy heat. Enough spice to offer a good chilli kick yet subtle enough to not mask the flavour of the food. Quotes

Quotes Absolutely yummy: Very tasty and aromatic. Spicy enough to give you some ooh but not too hot to make you go argh!! Delicious with noodles and as a dip for absolutely everything. Quotes

Quotes The ttaste chilli oil has a good balance and adds flavour to any dish it's very different to other similiar products in the market, which i find too salty or has MSG. I use ttaste chilli oil in just about every dish which needs a spicy kick or to enhance the flavour, there is also a hint of fennel. I would highly recommend this product. Quotes

Quotes Best chilli oil ever! Versatile, great heat, great flavour and made from healthy ingredients. :) Quotes

Quotes A fragrant, spicy, tasty oil that is greatly versatile. Works well as a marinade for meat and fish, to add flavour to eggs, or depth to pasta dishes. Mixed with balsamic vinegar it is an excellent salad dressing or dim sum dipping sauce. Quotes

Quotes This oil not only packs a punch but the blend of chillies gives an amazing depth of flavour. Perfect for stir fries, meats, spicy soups or just about anything else that needs a little pow! Quotes
Geoff, Backabush