Some like it hot...

Some like it hotter!      

Some like it hot...

Some like it hotter


Quotes I LOVE this chilli oil. It's perfect for cooking with or using as a condiment to add wonderful flavour and warmth to a variety of dishes. Gave a jar to a friend who is a professional chef and he raved about it. There's really no substitute for quality and this product is the business. Quotes
Josephine Liptrott
Food Lover & Bon Viveur

Quotes I came across the stall at the Leytonstone park festival on Sunday 19th July and couldn't resist a try, having developed a taste for chilli over the years... Immediately I loved the flavour and decided that I must get some before I leave >> I nearly missed out as the lady was packing up and going (!) >> I think I was the last person she served that day :) >> lucky! I always like to support local traders and this was the perfect opportunity to do so... Best of luck with the business and I will purchase the hotter options in due course! Ben x Quotes
Leytonstone Park Festival

Quotes I'm working my way through my third bottle of London's finest chilli oil!! I even tweeted Tesco's to ditch their awful tesco's finest chillil oil and stock this instead! Goes with literally everything! Its amazing!!! Quotes
Binit Hindocha

Quotes OMG !!! if anyone hasn't tasted this chilli oil then your soooo missing out ! So tasty , to die for ! I put it on most of my dishes and i always get complements , just so delicious. Quotes
Linda nassim
hairdresser , photographer and now home maker !

Quotes Love this chilli oil,making be a very adventurous and spicy chef indeed Quotes

Quotes Absolutely delicious,love it on my toast! Quotes

Quotes Teresa Tsang's chilli oil is the best I have ever tasted. I like to think I am a bit of a foodie, but this chilli oil knocks the spots off more expensive products. Teresa's knowledge of Chinese spices makes all of her cooking a real pleasure to taste. With a great entrepreneurial spirit and excellent food and products, I feel certain that TTaste will have the best possible future. Quotes
Greer Nicholson

Quotes I am a great fan of your chilli oils. They are of such good quality and have a depth and complexity of flavour that I have never found in any other chilli oil that I have tried. I particularly enjoy the Sichuan peppercorn oil. I have stocked up on jars, as I am always having to give them away to friends. I hope your business goes from strength to strength. Quotes

Quotes A love of all new flavours is a must, and I was happy to be introduced to proper sichuan flavours from China, these oils remind me of that first time tasting Sichuan so for me I cannot ask for anything better... The hot oil has a great balance of flavours infused to create a lovely after taste, and works for anything I am cooking, so thank you TTaste for your lovely oils. Quotes
Chillies on the web

Quotes I just received my chilli oil today and I have put it on everything. It's amazing! Just put some on my fresh popcorn! I'm obsessed! Quotes
I put it on everything!